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renke128 minutes ago

Slightly off-topic, but I've noticed that the ToS is based on which is licensed under CC. I wonder if it's safe to use and anyone else uses it with "success".

tinyprojects2 hours ago

I'm a big fan of these tiny minimal websites. I've built something similar lets your create an online blog from your paper journal. I use it daily to write down my thoughts and I'm weirdly very consistent with writing knowing others are reading my stuff. Wondering if OP has noticed the same thing.

iechoz6H34 minutes ago

And your "Most Popular" user type signs up for the GBP10/month account rather than the Free account?

NKosmatos33 minutes ago

Nice idea, clean and fast (minimal) page, good overall execution, excellent pricing model (hope it covers their running costs) but I see a small problem with moderation and people abusing this service to post inappropriate material.

mthld3 hours ago

I really love the pricing model, refreshing:

> is free for anyone who makes less than $40,000 USD/year, and costs $5/month otherwise.

AgentME1 hour ago

It's a shame because its pricing structure works like how many people misunderstand taxes to work. If you earn $39,990/year and then get a $30/year raise, then you'll actually be set back to $39,960/year after you pay the new price for this service. You might have to awkwardly explain to your boss that you don't want that $0.015/hour raise. If instead the service worked like taxes by charging a percent of the money you make over $40k (and then limiting the value up to $5), then the price trap issue would be solved.

(This suggestion is a joke, I just have the issues of welfare traps and popular misunderstandings of taxes on my mind.)

pattle2 hours ago

Yeah it's an interesting model. I'm guessing it works on an honour system as income isn't easily verifiable

qsort2 hours ago

It's basically 'pay what you want' with a super weird cutoff based on post-tax income.

I need to lose $4 by the end of the year! /s

londons_explore1 hour ago

In Norway, everyone's income is public information.

Other countries could do the same to make things more transparent.

randomlurking28 minutes ago

Never heard of it, can’t really imagine how that would work out in other countries.

Is it a somewhat new regulation? Is it easy to access the information?

zohch59 minutes ago

> In Norway, everyone's income is public information.

> Other countries could do the same to make things more transparent.

What verifiable tangible benefits does this have?

ArgyleSound52 minutes ago

Knowing what people employed in similar roles to you earn helps you bargain for an equivalent salary

dinobones2 hours ago

Not very refreshing, considering the 100 total visitors this site will ever receive are likely highly paid folks in the software and technology industry, but it’s a nice gesture at least.

jiggunjer2 hours ago

is it just me, or is tweeting into the void kinda sad?

bdibs2 hours ago

It’s certainly healthier I’d bet.

zohch56 minutes ago

I dunno, would need data on that. I would think tweeting into the void is more symptomatic.

numpad055 minutes ago

As long as it’s public, someone is going to link it and the community explains how it actually happened and how complete moron of you are, so you’ve got covered.

If you’re doing sudo cat | sed -e s/¥n/¥n#¥ / >> /etc/resolv.conf, that’s sad indeed

ivanhoe1 hour ago

True, and also feels to me kinda egocentric to genuinely not care of any feedback or interaction with the reader, but I know a lot of people like that, so it probably is just us...

kilroy1232 hours ago

I feel the same.

jmnicolas3 hours ago

It reminds of a spark file:

As usual I wouldn't put something so private in someone else computer. I don't even put my supermarket list on the cloud!

laurent1234562 hours ago

What's the purpose of not capitalising the first letter of each sentence? They really commit to it since even the tos and privacy pages are written like this. In case it's not obvious, it's less readable that way.

INTPenis2 hours ago

Probably to give the impression of hastily scribbled down thoughts and ideas.

_hao2 hours ago

Meh, GitHub pages is free

memorable2 hours ago

True, but GitHub Pages requires more time to set up your website: Create a new GitHub account (If you don't have one already), create a repo for your website, create your website, push that website to your repo, and then even that, you still have to set up your website for blogging, which is going to take you from a few minutes to a few days depends on what you use to create the website and how lazy you are.