Show HN: A collaborative pixel drawing game for when you're bored (Attempt #2)

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Hello again HN! It's been 3 months since I last submitted this project and the back-end server software melted down.

I was really bummed that many people didn't get to play, so I've spent most of my spare time since that last post completely rewriting the back-end server software using small, carefully selected dependencies (C99, sqlite, & cJSON) I've done some basic performance testing and I'm cautiously optimistic that it can now handle up to ~1000 concurrent users.

If you have any ideas for improvements, do let me know! Bots are permitted, but try and do something creative instead of just filling the canvas with junk :^)

You can view the source code for the new back-end here: You can also check out a recent time-lapse here: The time-lapse gets generated from the server log output using this tool:

(Note to HN staff: It wouldn't let me repost this unless it had a 'slightly different url', hence the sneaky redirect there. If this is a big no-no, I apologize, otherwise feel free to swap out the URL to the redirected one :^))

vkoskiv4 hours ago

~50 concurrent users already! Thank you all for checking this out. The old Swift backend gave out at around ~20 concurrent. This new one is barely even registering on htop at the moment. :^)

vkoskiv4 hours ago

69 concurrent. Nice. Looks like the web proxy, nginx, is using more CPU than the actual websocket server software. That's good, right?

u20773 hours ago

I helped someone build the Menger Sponge (

Super Fun!

Scalene23 hours ago

Yeah, someone built a small tile and I grew it, thanks for the help!

vkoskiv3 hours ago

Cool thing to draw, thanks for participating!

picture3 hours ago

That Lain Iwakura is amazing. Did she start off as the lady in the IDA Pro logo?

Also does anybody have the original pixel design? I'd love to devandalize it but I'm no good at pixel art

ge964 hours ago

It increments per click/same pixel?

The need to wait adds an interesting dynamic.

Also interesting can open incognito window and have more tiles.

Could be cool to get hourly screenshots visible somewhere.

vkoskiv4 hours ago

It gives you more tiles, and after a few level increments, that limit pretty much goes away, and then you're only bound by the server rate limiter. It's mostly there to prevent newly generated bot accounts from placing too much junk on the canvas.

Scalene23 hours ago

I seem to be stuck at level 7 with ~980/1000 tiles. Progress is really slow.

Scalene22 hours ago

I'm waiting for a Conways Game of Life refrence

Scalene23 hours ago

Menger Sponge gang forever!

totoglazer4 hours ago

Does it work? Not for me.

vkoskiv4 hours ago

Stuck loading? What kind of browser are you using? I should have mentioned that this is optimised for desktop browsers only at the moment.

baisq1 hour ago

It seems to load for me but I never get to see anything in the canvas. Safari on iPhone.

lukasb50 minutes ago

Same on iPad

SemanticStrengh5 hours ago

a proper r/place-like website sounds amazing! Thanks for making it :)

vkoskiv4 hours ago

I'm fairly certain there are many existing ones that are better in many ways, but this one was made by my friends and I, and it was fun to build!

SemanticStrengh5 hours ago

The trackmania car is amazing, is it generated via a program??

vkoskiv4 hours ago

Someone drew that by hand one pixel at a time, believe it or not! :^)

SemanticStrengh4 hours ago

that's crazy :O