Subtext – A multi-user BBS server for classic macOS

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mattrj2 hours ago

I admire anyone who has created a BBS, but I don't understand this. Is it to better learn how to code in C? It is nostalgia? It looks like he spent part of a year on nostalgia. PS:

NegativeLatency1 hour ago

It predates my lifetime but it’s been really fun to learn about how stuff used to work. (Which I guess is some form of nostalgia)

There’s a bit of a boom in retro computing in general right now. Many independent makers doing hardware and software with cool blogs or YouTube channels.

codetrotter4 hours ago

The git hosting for the code of that has a pretty cool website also.

The website is made to look like classic Mac OS. And instead of commit hash in the summary of the most recent commit on the top of the page, it says:

    Amendment 291 on November 19, 2022
Which is also fun :)

I like the idea of a code repository as being an ideally complete initial version followed by a number of "amendments".

theodric4 hours ago

The risk is that you'll generate a bunch of chatter about what the amendment was supposed to do even while it's clearly stated in the comments.

codetrotter4 hours ago

I would like to amend my previous comment by the way.

It seems that amendhub is in fact not hosting git repositories.

It seems that "Amend" is a revision control system distinct from git.

And that amendhub hosts Amend repositories.

psim15 hours ago

How is this exact dupe URL possible? See

smoldesu5 hours ago

The hyphen character is different

codetrotter4 hours ago

I don't think the title matters, does it? Only the URL I think.

And in this case..

    cmp <( echo -n '' ) <( echo -n '' ) output. It's the exact same URL byte for byte.

Maybe 14 hours is enough that HN allows to post it again. Some score threshold could be involved to allow reposting after certain amount of time as well, to allow something more attention if it didn't get enough attention initially?

NegativeLatency1 hour ago

Mac OS should be in caps