Show HN: AI generated puzzles from Wikipedia articles

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don-code5 hours ago

I'm deeply reminded of MindMaze, which shipped with old versions of Microsoft Encarta in the 90s. While I'm sure the questions were canned and not programmatically generated, it behooved you to go read up on the subjects that it was being asked about, using none other than Encarta itself.

actionfromafar8 hours ago

I suppose the answers could be fed back into the model, to better learn what prompts actual people expect corresponds to a generated image.

doodle:ai - Game #24 - 3/5

darraghor6 hours ago

Yes! i think games like this could be useful for training aesthetic and relevancy output from the models.

Actually implementing that kind of feedback is beyond my skills with machine learning though!

8n4vidtmkvmk5 hours ago

save the data and give it to someone else who can use it? just keep it anonymous.

obert7 hours ago

isn’t the top score 4, as in N out of 4?

doodle:ai - Game #22 - 4/8

doodle:ai - Game #17 - 4/7

I don’t get it, 4/8? I see there are 8 valid answers but you can select only 4, or is there a time limit?

darraghor7 hours ago

Hey! Thanks for playing the game.

This ratio is describing the game shape (the games are automatically generated and they are all different depending on the wiki article content). 4/8 means that you needed 4 answers out of 8 for example. Having to select 8/8 is too hard and not fun for a game imho.

Some games have only 2 "answers" in total, so then i make you select all the correct answers, otherwise it's too easy. So the game shape would there would be 2/2.

There may be bugs of course. I'll take a look at that number later. I agree it's a bit confusing but I was trying to make the game more usable. It's tricky when the content is dynamic.


directionless4 hours ago

In a different vein, is a fun wikipedia game

Konohamaru5 hours ago

This is an extremely fun game. Thank you!

darraghor5 hours ago

thanks for playing! glad you like it