Jean-Marie Straub has died

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dang2 hours ago

Ok, we've changed to the first link from Thank you! I particularly appreciate the effort to list multiple alternative articles.

coolandsmartrr3 hours ago

I thought it was in English, but I just noticed it was auto-translate in my browser.

JadeNB2 hours ago

> Relatively few here use French; it would have been much better to provide English language references ….

As someone who speaks only English fluently, and understands only the barest smattering of French, I still don't want to encourage linguistic parochialism here. In this community as in any other, it's all too easy to fall into bubbles; why not encourage content in a variety of languages as we do content from a variety of points of view, especially when (as scarface mentioned good auto-translate is available, and helpful users like you can link to additional context in English?

(I'd also mention that it's not obvious to me that relatively few here use French. Do you know that, or is it a guess?)

hacksoi2 hours ago

The vast majority of us are English speakers.

scarface743 hours ago

observation: There was a post on HN in German and the built in translation read very naturally ( The translation of this article from French definitely read computerized.