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tdeck2 days ago

My favorite is Javanese where the alphabet order forms a poem about two emissaries killing each other:

greenyoda10 hours ago

There is also the Iroha poem in Japanese:

"The first record of its existence dates from 1079. It is famous because it is a perfect pangram, containing each character of the Japanese syllabary exactly once. Because of this, it is also used as an ordering for the syllabary, in the same way as the A, B, C, D... sequence of the Latin alphabet."

shirleyquirk6 hours ago

thats brilliant, we should do that in english, and make the alphabet song go

"c w m f j o,

r d b a n-k-g-l-y.

p h s,

v e x,

t q u, i and z"

actionfromafar6 hours ago

Eh, I don't get it. Decode key, please.

shirleyquirk5 hours ago

'cwm fjord-bank glyphs vext quiz'

verbify5 hours ago

An interesting example is the zayit stone, a 3000 year old abecedary written in the paleo-Hebrew alphabet. One interesting thing is the changes in the order of the letters.

pyinstallwoes2 hours ago

What do the changes imply? Can you expand on your opinion or interest? Thanks.

29athrowaway2 hours ago

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