AllegroServe, a web server written in Common Lisp

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remexre10 hours ago

> We've recently added these features:

> [...]

> - Security up through TLS 1.0 (SSL 3.1).

uhhhhhhhh, isn't this removed from Firefox for having security holes fixed in later versions of the TLS spec?

fiddlerwoaroof9 hours ago

That line is about twelve years old, per git blame. Typically, I’d use a reverse proxy to handle HTTPS anyways.

guenthert8 hours ago

How does it compare (feature-wise, performance, stability) with e.g. hunchentoot (which clearly wins the naming contest)?

jinwoo688 hours ago

I think this runs only with Allegro Common Lisp, a commercial implementation.

agambrahma8 hours ago

Not really, you can run this under SBCL too.

guenthert6 hours ago

I need another hint. The sources seem to depend on Allegro specifics, e.g. the :excl package (with the enlightening description "General extensions to Common Lisp").

mikelevins3 hours ago

You can load :aserve from qucklisp to get a portable fork of AllegroServe that works with sbcl (or at least it appears to at first glance on my copy of SBCL 2.2.6).

The README distributed with the library offers a little guidance to getting started.

sanxiyn2 hours ago

Yes, AllegroServe is Allegro specific, but there is Portable AllegroServe:

It's the same situation as OpenSSH. OpenSSH only runs on OpenBSD, and Portable OpenSSH is maintained separately.

zdav244 hours ago

I'd also be interested in a feature comparison against Swish (, but I'm not actually familiar enough with either to make the comparison myself.