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Making noisy SVGs
221 points52 comments5 hours agodaniel.do
Fairphone 5: Keeping it 10/10?
35 points74 comments12 hours agoifixit.com
Jets: Ruby Serverless Framework
118 points25 comments2 days agodocs.rubyonjets.com
Conway's Game of Life is omniperiodic
60 points16 comments1 day agoarxiv.org
A lost X-Files song
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Choose your own IP
126 points62 comments6 hours agotailscale.com
The economics of all-you-can-eat buffets (2020)
190 points207 comments2 days agothehustle.co
Gemini "duck" demo was not done in realtime or with voice
623 points372 comments5 hours agotwitter.com
Data Engineering Design Patterns
156 points23 comments7 hours agodedp.online
Fake chips, I got stung
184 points145 comments8 hours agolinuxjedi.co.uk
Tesla shares 48V architecture with other automakers
112 points158 comments8 hours agoelectrek.co
Hanukkah of Data: Practice your data skills with 8 free data puzzles
84 points7 comments5 hours agohanukkah.bluebird.sh
Three Decades of HTML
71 points18 comments5 hours agomeyerweb.com
OpenAI employees did not want to go work for Microsoft
192 points158 comments4 hours agobusinessinsider.com
A Schism in the OpenPGP World
88 points180 comments14 hours agolwn.net