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Nodes.io – a new way to create with code
47 points22 comments2 hours agonodes.io
Animated Engines
460 points57 comments8 hours agoanimatedengines.com
FFMPEG from Zero to Hero
150 points47 comments4 hours agoffmpegfromzerotohero.com
Citus 10 brings columnar compression to Postgres
162 points47 comments8 hours agocitusdata.com
Standard Ruby 1.0
56 points38 comments2 days agoblog.testdouble.com
Reality Is Perplexing Enough: An Interview with Jorge Luis Borges (1968)
12 points1 comment2 days agocommonwealmagazine.org
Build Your Machine Today
13 points0 comments2 hours agovention.io
WordStar: A Writer's Word Processor (1996)
82 points61 comments5 hours agosfwriter.com
What the Mouse Knows
44 points2 comments2 days agosimonsarris.substack.com
What Is RPN? Why Did/Does HP Use RPN? Learning RPN (1999)
91 points84 comments7 hours agohpmuseum.org
Lying to the Ghost in the Machine
36 points16 comments4 hours agoantipope.org
Reflections on IDEA vs VS Code
263 points332 comments12 hours agoarchive.vn