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Agatha Christie could afford a maid and a nanny but not a car
162 points112 comments4 hours agofullstackeconomics.com
The old internet shows signs of quietly coming back
352 points239 comments7 hours agocheapskatesguide.org
Nintendo Switch game cartridges taste offensively bad (2017)
374 points242 comments11 hours agopolygon.com
Guide to Using YubiKey for GPG and SSH
38 points12 comments2 hours agogithub.com
Doing too much work on one's own before looping in others
461 points292 comments12 hours agothezbook.com
I’m porting the TypeScript type checker tsc to Go
362 points202 comments13 hours agokdy1.dev
The Polygons of Éric's Chahi Another World
46 points8 comments5 hours agofabiensanglard.net
Hacking the Apple Webcam (Again)
252 points45 comments11 hours agoryanpickren.com
A trick to have arbitrary infix operators in Python
164 points79 comments2 days agotomerfiliba.com
Why does the "chart increasing" emoji show in red?
170 points85 comments11 hours agoblog.emojipedia.org
StylEx: A New Approach for Visual Explanation of Classifiers
17 points1 comment2 days agoai.googleblog.com
Scary fraud ensues when ID theft and usury collide
155 points66 comments10 hours agokrebsonsecurity.com
Rethinking Fear
12 points1 comment4 days agofs.blog
Economists are revising their views on robots and jobs
75 points129 comments8 hours agoeconomist.com
WebAssembly techniques to speed up matrix multiplication
227 points123 comments14 hours agojott.live
How I write and curate the cron.weekly newsletter (2020)
24 points0 comments7 hours agoma.ttias.be
Store SQLite in Cloudflare Durable Objects
209 points71 comments14 hours agoma.rkusa.st