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We Just Gave $154,999.89 to Open Source Maintainers
156 points54 comments2 hours agoblog.sentry.io
Willingness to Look Stupid
738 points453 comments8 hours agodanluu.com
Show HN: I built a website builder on top of Notion
16 points2 comments56 minutes agopotion.so
Unconventional Sorting Algorithms
13 points4 comments1 hour agocodingkaiser.blog
141 points125 comments5 hours agobeej.us
Beyond Smart
9 points0 comments10 minutes agopaulgraham.com
Rust 1.56.0 and Rust 2021
169 points32 comments2 hours agoblog.rust-lang.org
How can we break our addiction to contempt
12 points1 comment1 hour agofreakonomics.com
[Resolved] GitHub is returning 500 for all requests
47 points30 comments2 hours agogithub.com
Show HN: vGPU and SR-IOV on Consumer GPUs
65 points31 comments3 hours agoarccompute.com
ISO3103 Tea Preparation [pdf]
9 points11 comments7 hours agosis.se
Forget Twitter Threads; Write a Blog Post Instead
96 points40 comments3 hours agokevq.uk
Candlestick Makers' Petition (1845)
6 points1 comment1 day agobastiat.org