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Llama3 implemented from scratch
770 points217 comments21 hours agogithub.com
How a 64k intro is made (2017)
84 points11 comments3 hours agolofibucket.com
Grothendieck’s use of equality
32 points10 comments4 hours agoarxiv.org
Coding My Handwriting
556 points48 comments22 hours agoamygoodchild.com
Scrabble and the Nature of Expertise (2015)
18 points2 comments1 day agoscientificamerican.com
Modernizing the AntennaPod Code Structure
23 points1 comment1 day agoantennapod.org
The Lunacy of Artemis
470 points316 comments16 hours agoidlewords.com
Overflow in consistent hashing (2018)
44 points10 comments1 day agormarcus.info
D-Expressions: Lisp power, Dylan style [pdf]
36 points12 comments4 days agopeople.csail.mit.edu
DB-19: Resurrecting an Obsolete Connector (2016)
108 points56 comments2 days agobigmessowires.com
What Is Generative Art? (2022)
137 points72 comments16 hours agoamygoodchild.com
The M4 iPad Pros
4 points0 comments45 minutes agodaringfireball.net
Beating Jeff's 3.14 Ghz Raspberry Pi 5
178 points37 comments18 hours agojonatron.github.io
The problem with new URL(), and how URL.parse() fixes that
80 points110 comments16 hours agokilianvalkhof.com
Swift Tooling: Windows Edition
89 points42 comments1 day agospeakinginswift.substack.com
AI doppelgänger experiment – Part 1: The training
192 points110 comments23 hours agojulienposture.substack.com
Unprojecting text with ellipses (2016)
113 points18 comments18 hours agomzucker.github.io