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The GJK Algorithm: A weird and beautiful way to do a simple thing
203 points33 comments7 hours agocomputerwebsite.net
Real-Time Settlers of Catan
86 points45 comments2 days agorobert.ocallahan.org
Show HN: PDF to Podcast – Convert Any PDF into a Podcast Episode
32 points10 comments23 hours agopdf-to-podcast.com
Diffractive Chocolate
71 points20 comments7 hours agowp.optics.arizona.edu
Nietzsche's Guide to Greatness
5 points3 comments58 minutes agojohnathanbi.com
Japan enacts law to curb Apple, Google's app dominance
131 points66 comments5 hours agoenglish.kyodonews.net
Designing the avocado of uncertainty visualization
28 points9 comments6 hours agostamen.com
Silicon Valley's best kept secret: Founder liquidity
1608 points767 comments21 hours agostefantheard.com
Lexbor – An open source HTML Renderer library
145 points14 comments1 day agogithub.com
Terence Tao on proof checkers and AI programs
199 points121 comments1 day agoscientificamerican.com
Twenty, a modern CRM alternative to Salesforce
175 points70 comments1 day agotwenty.com
Medieval game pieces emerge from the ruins of a German castle
135 points70 comments2 days agonews.artnet.com
How to get the most out of Postgres memory settings
216 points70 comments2 days agotembo.io
Faxes from the Far Side of the Moon (2018)
49 points9 comments13 hours agodamninteresting.com
Honda's Hidden Resonators Keep Tire Noise to a Minimum
46 points19 comments4 hours agojalopnik.com