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Programming Is Mostly Thinking
120 points49 comments3 hours agoagileotter.blogspot.com
Racket Language
174 points66 comments5 hours agoracket-lang.org
Glibc Buffer Overflow in Iconv
56 points2 comments4 hours agoopenwall.com
Scientists discover first nitrogen fixing organelle
129 points24 comments11 hours agonewscenter.lbl.gov
Financial market applications of LLMs
192 points90 comments14 hours agothegradient.pub
How to fix America's aviation system
26 points8 comments12 hours agowbur.org
Earth Online: non-stop satellite monitoring platform
131 points17 comments2 days agonimbo.earth
The Psychology of Getting High–A Lot
30 points27 comments8 hours agonautil.us
My journey into personal computer software development in 1983
108 points44 comments14 hours agofarrs.substack.com
Scriptable operating systems with Lua (2014) [pdf]
45 points6 comments2 days agonetbsd.org
Stuart Parkin revolutionized disk drive storage
32 points0 comments2 days agospectrum.ieee.org
Fast food is already automated?
8 points6 comments2 days agotheatlantic.com
N-Wheeled Vehicles
41 points7 comments1 day agodouglas-self.com
Natural language processing in Bash (2023)
63 points3 comments2 days agomassimo-nazaria.github.io
Bringing Exchange Support to Thunderbird
233 points116 comments12 hours agoblog.thunderbird.net
Why do some leading geologists reject the term "Anthropocene"?
29 points17 comments11 hours agonewyorker.com