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Show HN: I turned my face rec system into a video codec
73 points33 comments2 hours agovertigo.ai
Learnings from 5 years of tech startup code audits
251 points74 comments19 hours agokenkantzer.com
What Happened to Perl 7?
61 points43 comments3 hours agoblogs.perl.org
Tech Layoff Tracker
37 points9 comments3 hours agotrueup.io
A City in a Bottle
24 points1 comment2 hours agoobservablehq.com
Original Pong did not have any code or even a microprocessor
433 points112 comments13 hours agofalstad.com
List of Tech company layoffs in Europe
57 points63 comments4 hours agosifted.eu
Bernstein v. the U.S. Department of State (2014)
65 points13 comments7 hours agobritannica.com
Open call – your field recordings of obsolete sounds wanted
43 points12 comments6 hours agocitiesandmemory.com
Security Vulnerability in Tor Browser
267 points140 comments15 hours agodarknetlive.com
Behind the Pretty Frames: Elden Ring
17 points4 comments1 day agomamoniem.com
Branch/Cmove and Compiler Optimizations
51 points28 comments1 day agokristerw.github.io
Startup Trail: The Game of Startup Survival
82 points50 comments9 hours agostartuptrail.engine.is
Early Copy Protection on the Apple II
66 points29 comments10 hours agofadden.com
Show HN: Muse 2.0 with local-first sync
166 points139 comments2 days agomuseapp.com