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Windows NT for Power Macintosh
108 points28 comments2 hours agogithub.com
Beating the L1 cache with value speculation (2021)
60 points12 comments19 hours agomazzo.li
WildGaussians: 3D Gaussian Splatting in the Wild
11 points2 comments46 minutes agoarxiv.org
Arm Accuracy Super Resolution
81 points34 comments7 hours agocommunity.arm.com
Show HN: Daminik – An Open source digital asset manager
41 points28 comments6 hours agodaminik.com
Using S3 as a Container Registry
193 points69 comments11 hours agoochagavia.nl
The Forth Methodology of Charles Moore (2001)
47 points16 comments6 hours agoultratechnology.com
Cradle: Empowering Foundation Agents Towards General Computer Control
42 points18 comments3 hours agobaai-agents.github.io
Physics-Based Deep Learning Book
251 points25 comments17 hours agophysicsbaseddeeplearning.org
Floppy8 – A Tiny Computer, in a Floppy Drive (2023)
128 points29 comments13 hours agoabe.today
AWS Secrets Manager Agent
73 points39 comments16 hours agogithub.com
JavaScript Ben.ch (JavaScript Benchmarking Tools)
43 points9 comments13 hours agojsben.ch