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Paving the Road to Vulkan on Asahi Linux
402 points135 comments5 hours agoasahilinux.org
A world to win: WebAssembly for the rest of us
82 points25 comments3 hours agowingolog.org
Doors I touched today (1999)
39 points13 comments1 hour agofluxus.org
Chronology Clock
12 points2 comments1 hour agochronologyclock.com
Why use Rust on the back end?
37 points12 comments59 minutes agoblog.adamchalmers.com
Argbash – Bash Argument Parsing Code Generator
72 points38 comments8 hours agoargbash.dev
Cyclists now outnumber motorists in City of London
839 points701 comments8 hours agoforbes.com
Show HN: Recursive LLM Prompts
12 points6 comments4 hours agogithub.com
Show HN: Great Books Homeschool beta program
26 points20 comments2 hours agogreatbookshomeschool.com
JEP 442: Foreign Function and Memory API (Third Preview)
71 points58 comments5 hours agogithub.com
When can two TCP sockets share a local address?
131 points40 comments8 hours agoblog.cloudflare.com
Lessons from a Pessimist: Make Your Pessimism Productive
103 points40 comments5 hours agolucumr.pocoo.org
Cesium-137 missing and found in junk yard in Thailand
62 points26 comments11 hours agonationthailand.com