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Twilio incident: What Signal users need to know
469 points408 comments10 hours agosupport.signal.org
Win32 Is the Only Stable ABI on Linux
394 points386 comments11 hours agoblog.hiler.eu
A robots.txt Problem
60 points21 comments5 hours agoavodonosov.blogspot.com
Tup – an instrumenting file-based build system
17 points4 comments3 hours agogittup.org
Preparedness Paradox
145 points85 comments21 hours agoen.wikipedia.org
Learnings of a CEO: Wade Foster, Zapier
124 points53 comments9 hours agoycombinator.com
Tom Mitchell's Machine Learning book now is free
6 points0 comments4 days agocs.cmu.edu
A catalogue of optimizing transformations [pdf]
33 points1 comment3 days agoclear.rice.edu
How to design a referral program
92 points27 comments11 hours agoandrewchen.com
The Intel 80376 – A legacy-free i386 with a twist (2010)
79 points56 comments3 days agopagetable.com
Quaternions: A Practical Guide
120 points27 comments2 days agoanyleaf.org
Attacking Titan M with Only One Byte
155 points73 comments14 hours agoblog.quarkslab.com
On a road to Prizren with a Free Software Phone
141 points47 comments3 days agohonk.sigxcpu.org