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Lisp Badge LE
102 points9 comments5 hours agotechnoblogy.com
Open Source does not win by being cheaper
160 points115 comments5 hours agogithub.com
JWST discovers massive and compact quiescent galaxy
45 points10 comments13 hours agophys.org
Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses
339 points609 comments9 hours agometa.com
The Forgotten Generation: Generation X Approaches Retirement
25 points16 comments3 hours agonirsonline.org
Uiua: A minimal stack-based, array-based language
192 points46 comments16 hours agouiua.org
OpenBSD PF versus FreeBSD PF
169 points59 comments10 hours agomwl.io
DAWproject: Open exchange format for DAWs
105 points55 comments8 hours agogithub.com
The Tao of Programming (1987)
156 points81 comments10 hours agomit.edu
Deno Queues
311 points141 comments14 hours agodeno.com
Applied Category Theory Course
67 points8 comments17 hours agomath.ucr.edu
The Ashley Book of Knots (1944)
144 points59 comments12 hours agoarchive.org
The Conscience of a Hacker (1986)
65 points23 comments8 hours agotextfiles.com
SMS Security and Privacy Gaps
22 points29 comments6 hours agosecurity.googleblog.com
Safely open apps on your Mac
27 points22 comments4 hours agosupport.apple.com