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I started SaaS companies in 2013 and 2021 – how things have changed
420 points119 comments10 hours agoblog.airplane.dev
Royal Holloway music professor quits over cancel culture
27 points4 comments37 minutes agothetimes.co.uk
Build Deeper Connections with Friends
6 points1 comment30 minutes agohmsklt.app
Trailerduck is a smart e-bike trailer
4 points0 comments34 minutes agoautoevolution.com
Rust on the MOS 6502: Beyond Fibonacci
87 points3 comments2 days agogergo.erdi.hu
Practical Front-End Architecture
40 points3 comments1 day agojaredgorski.org
Byte Magazine Volume 07 Number 08 – Logo (1982)
4 points0 comments48 minutes agoarchive.org
Former NSA Hacker Describes Being Recruited for UAE Spy Program
91 points16 comments8 hours agozetter.substack.com
Structural pattern matching in Python 3.10
176 points89 comments11 hours agobenhoyt.com
Ruby Packer: distribute your Ruby code as a compiled binary
123 points28 comments10 hours agogithub.com
What is this Gemini thing, and why am I excited about it? (2020)
191 points136 comments11 hours agodrewdevault.com
Arm AArch64 Adds Memcpy() Instructions
114 points50 comments9 hours agocommunity.arm.com
Show HN: 7GUIs in Vanilla HTML, CSS, JavaScript
90 points33 comments10 hours ago7guis.bradwoods.io
Show HN: 40k HN comments mentioning books, extracted using deep learning
1105 points255 comments18 hours agohacker-recommended-books.vercel.app
GMP: The GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library
19 points3 comments1 day agogmplib.org
A mathematician's guided tour through higher dimensions
171 points56 comments15 hours agoquantamagazine.org