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Mac OS 9
90 points28 comments1 hour agomacos9.app
AI Homework
120 points70 comments2 hours agostratechery.com
You might not need a CRDT
180 points58 comments4 hours agodriftingin.space
Can Lego City Powered Up trains be automated?
100 points47 comments3 hours agobricks.stackexchange.com
One does not simply destroy a nuclear weapon
22 points24 comments1 hour agoeducatedguesswork.org
Thunderbird for Android Preview: Modern Message Redesign
18 points1 comment1 hour agoblog.thunderbird.net
Lichess on Scala3 – Help needed
216 points18 comments4 hours agolichess.org
FreeBSD on the Raspberry Pi
131 points52 comments9 hours agocromwell-intl.com
BIS warns of $80T of hidden FX swap debt
9 points78 comments4 hours agoreuters.com
Mandatory Helmet Laws Make Cyclists Less Safe
144 points272 comments8 hours agobicycling.com
If you unscrew your belly button, your bottom will fall off
268 points82 comments7 hours agomrjamesbell.com
Hetzner continues its growth in the US with a new location
418 points276 comments8 hours agohetzner.com
Magpies – Smart, witty birds
44 points16 comments3 days agoouraynews.com
How to estimate an SSD’s working life
143 points113 comments10 hours agoeclecticlight.co
The Peking Duck Exception
40 points7 comments6 hours agoculinarycrush.biz
Life, Death, This Moment of June
9 points0 comments11 hours agonybooks.com
The Emperor and the Sun King
3 points0 comments11 hours agoblogs.bl.uk