The Book of CP-System

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dottedmag9 hours ago

Am I the only one who was expecting a design guide for consistent and partition-tolerant systems?

fabiensanglard8 hours ago

It could have been worse.

The initial title was "The book of CPS". Which HN told me could also be interpreted as Child Protection Services.

EuAndreh8 hours ago

Or even Continuation Passing Style.

pezezin7 hours ago

In emulators and the like I always see it written as CPS1/2/3, so why not "the book of CPS1"?

fabiensanglard5 hours ago

I do talk a bit about the CPS-2 in it. Especially the outstanding on-the-fly 68000 .text decryption system that pretty much closed the market to bootleggers (it was only cracked decades later).

pyrolistical8 hours ago

I think a book describing only CP systems would be valuable. There are very few AP systems that make sense and CA systems are a lie.

sedatk7 hours ago

I expected it to be about CP/CMS on an IBM VM/SP operating system.

fabiensanglard11 hours ago

Happy Thanksgiving!

mysterydip11 hours ago

Same to you! Thanks for all the resources you've supplied over the years, it's been great reading and research for my hobby projects :)

EamonnMR7 hours ago

Thanks for doing what you do!

kiawe_fire4 hours ago

Just purchased - I loved the Game Engine Black Book Doom, and as someone who's always been fascinated with the CPS-1 and CPS-2 and the arcade scene that I just missed as a kid, this is even more up my alley!

fabiensanglard4 hours ago

Thank you!

sasas5 hours ago

Ordered this two days ago on Amazon and it arrived just an hour ago to my door step. Very happy!

Does Amazon keep a certain level of stock across in counties the globe? If so how is the stock quantity calculated per country and city? Or are they printed on demand?

Thanks Fab! Added to the bookshelf along with your Doom and Wolfenstein books. Can’t wait for the next.

fabiensanglard4 hours ago

I think they print on demand and limit orders based on how much they can print. Total extrapolation, I have no inside knowledge.

Thank you for your kind words about the book. If I ever write another one it would be about the SNES and Zelda III.

sasas3 hours ago

> If I ever write another one it would be about the SNES and Zelda III

Please do, that would be absolutely brilliant.

Out of curiosity, how many hours approximately did you put in to both research and write CP-SYSTEM?

fabiensanglard2 hours ago

One year, approximately 12 hours a week. Super roughly 52x12 = 624 hours.

helf7 hours ago

Oh this looks awesome!

SanjayMehta6 hours ago

The cover is reminiscent of K&R 2nd edition.

fabiensanglard5 hours ago

It was done on purpose as an homage.

I loved to read K&R when I got started with C. The sight of the cover brings up so many good memories.