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BillinghamJ8 hours ago

Would recommend the FormD T1 for this form factor. I think it has better compatibility & thermal design than this one, but not sure /

I have the old T1 v1.1 (slightly smaller at 9.5L) - my current build has a 4090 FE & 5800X3D in it, all air cooled with excellent temps.

There's a particular YouTuber who does a lot of reviewing of SFF cases:

ChuckMcM20 minutes ago

Love the "3D Print Files" for $999,999 :-). Interesting way to add downloadable content into your shop.

wjdp6 hours ago

Just finished moving my rig to the T1 this week. It's a very impressive case.

The Mjolnir was what I'd been after for a while but I think the T1 was a better choice for me due to the flexibility it offers.

snalty4 hours ago

Currently running a T1 with a 5800X and a 3070 and loving it too, it really is a great little case.

ledgerdev6 hours ago

Are there any solutions for a power button on the front of the machine?

BillinghamJ5 hours ago

As far as I'm aware, the only thing you can do on the front is add a USB-C port (and only on the T1 v2)

MrBuddyCasino8 hours ago

My T1 package has been sitting on the shelf for months, will wait until the 7000 X3D models are available. I do hope the AM5 ITX mainboards will come down in price, the cheapest there is still costs 250€.

0cf8612b2e1e2 hours ago

When I was looking into ITX builds, that was what gave me pause. A true premium price vs what you can get with uATX. Significantly bigger footprint, but I do not feel like I am paying for glamour.

BillinghamJ7 hours ago

I guess you'll need to be using an AIO for that? I previously had an AIO with the 5900X, but needed to switch to air cooling to allow for enough exhaust to keep the 4090 happy

Although the 5800X3D technically has the same TDP, it seems that it pulls a lot less power for typical use, and is doing nicely with the Alpenföhn Black Ridge

neogodless5 hours ago

Corsair 4000D with 2 exhaust fans, Corsair 360mm AIO for my 5900X (34° C idle, 42+ with any use).

Radeon RX 6700 XT stays happy enough at 48-50°C idle and of course warmer during games.

How hot was the 4090 getting?

jefftk5 hours ago

Nice! It's sad that the machine they liked so much in 2020 is already obsolete:

2020-03-06: Hopefully, this machine will do for an other 20 years. Come back and check in 2040. --

philistine2 hours ago

While his machine is no longer current, the dream of the fanless computer lives on very strong. The Macbook Air no longer has a fan and is a tiny little machine with strength to spare and passive cooling.

0cf8612b2e1e2 hours ago

I do not think it is obsolete, just that his original design was inappropriate for his needs. The power supply + GPU are still more than adequate for any task that is not gaming or video rendering.

A ten year old processor can do most anything you need.

drunner6 hours ago

Along the same line and even smaller is the DAN A4-SFX, just 7.2L internally.

After 10 years, I recently built myself a new 'desktop' and used one of these and it truly is a 'desktop' now and sits in the corner of my desk as opposed to under it like my old tower.

fsociety4 hours ago

Dan's new C4-SFX case officially hit production today too, for anyone wanting to build an SFF that is future proof for tomorrow's giga-sized GPUs.

archagon2 hours ago

Out of all the SFF cases I’ve looked at that are compatible with high-end GPUs, this one is the smallest while still remaining practical. I’ve been using mine with a slightly undervolted 3080 FE for the last 2 years, and while it runs a bit hot, it’s been otherwise a near-perfect little gaming machine.

jitl1 hour ago

I'm in a DAN A4 (still using 1080 FE), but it seems like 40XX generation cards will never fit. Cards got so big they're almost the same size as the whole case!

archagon1 hour ago

“In comparison to the RTX 3080 FE, the 4080 FE is 20mm longer, 25mm wider and a whopping 23mm thicker”

Oof, yeah, the 3080 FE just barely fits.

layer85 hours ago
irskep1 hour ago

I reproduced the parts list in PCPartPicker, including some manually entered price data:

Comes out to about $2K USD. Just in case anyone's looking to do a similar build.

Tepix8 hours ago

The site is down, to the rescue:

HeadlessChild8 hours ago

As long as Azure isn't down.

m_mueller7 hours ago

It's Microsoft, I'm sure it will never go down!


freeCandy7 hours ago
jvanderbot8 hours ago

I have a Intel ECE and RTX 3060 in almost the same case as this one. The ECE is a mobo and intel processor in a GPU form factor[1]. It's quite small, but can tend to run hot and demand lots of fans.

Luckily Intel has a tuning utility which is really useful, and I slightly under volt to run much cooler and quieter.

For SFF, I can enthusiastically recommend the Intel ECE line.


LeSaucy5 hours ago

I wish activision blizzard still made mac versions of their games. Diablo 2 resurrected would probably run smooth as butter and be dead silent on an m2 mac mini.

tgcordell4 hours ago

Whats even worse - they do make it for Switch, which is ARM based. A lot of the leg work has already been completed.

fabiensanglard2 hours ago

+200. I wonder what motivated this decision. Too little sales for too much investment?

perihelions4 hours ago

I can never tell what I'm supposed to be optimizing personal PC workstations for. And at this point I'm too embarrased to ask.

I like the ideas, in the abstract, of optimizing for extreme silence (zero moving parts in OP's previous DB4 build), or extreme compactness (like this oddity), and so forth. I'm sure they're all terribly wrong choices for me personally, but I'm glad other people are exploring them, that the solution space is well characterized.

neogodless4 hours ago

> what I'm supposed to

Pretty much it's personal. Either what you need for work or play, or what you want or some reasonable mix of those.

Personally, I like overkill and tranquility (and value). I'm not 100% there, but I'm close, because I have a powerful (but not maximum performance) machine that produces a little noise (but nothing grating.)

Someone that loves silence wouldn't like the slight hum, and someone that wants maximum quality 4K gaming or machine-learning wouldn't love the 10% performance I left on the table to save (quite) a few bucks (while reducing power and cooling requirements some.)

VHRanger3 hours ago

The truth is that you're much better off with an interior solution (taking a tradeoff between future expandability, budget, etc.) than a corner solution like extreme compactness

yakattak5 hours ago

I have an SFFPC myself, but I fear their days are numbered with the ridiculous sizes of GPUs these days. Sure, a 3060 fits in this, but that’s hardly a cutting edge card.

I had to bend my Ncase M1 to fit my 3070 on top of deshrouding it. The fact that the FEs (and some Zotac two fans) are the only smaller sized versions of these cards makes me think the primary Nvidia partners like aren’t terribly interested in making the cards smaller because they fit fine in ATX cases.

I hope I’m proven wrong with the 5000 series GPUs. I’d hate to have to upsize just to play current games.

Tepix8 hours ago

That is a very pretty small PC case!

Talking about small cases, what's the smallest case anyone has gotten away with housing 2x RTX 3090 with adequate cooling?

jermaustin17 hours ago

I'm in the same boat. I have dual 3090s for gaming and AI, though I rarely ever utilize it for either anymore.

I originally tried to stick them both in my pretty large case from BuildRedux, but it would overheat and shut off, so I just bought a mining "case" - basically flat steel bars rivetted together. It can supposedly hold 8 GPUs, but I only have my 2 3090s on it and even then, when they are both working on something, it kicks off a LOT of heat, but with a fan blowing on it, the GPUs never reach critical temperatures.

Last winter, I had it in stored in my AC return closet, and used it for crypto heating, and my AC/Heat was just set to circulate. Kept our apartment at around 70F even when it was in the 30s and 40s outside.

neoberg7 hours ago

Nvidia Founder's Ed. cards don't go well with sandwich style cases. The space behind the card heats as you use the pc and in turn causes the motherboard, cpu and other components to heat.

If you're looking for a sff case for Founders Ed cards, I would recommend "Sliger Console". It's almost made for this type of cooling.

charles_f5 hours ago

Coincidentally, my barely-powerful-enough home server is called schinken, German for ham, which is fitting since it's half a hammer.

JonChesterfield10 hours ago

Not the hammer. Small computer case.

WJW9 hours ago

It should easily be possible to add a handle to it though. Could be either 3d printed or even hand carved from a big stick or something. Maybe it should be possible to route much of the cabling through the handle as well? Hmmmm.

Y_Y8 hours ago

I wouldn't trust any 3d printed filament for any serious hammering tasks. Assuming you have the strength to heft it, I'd go with thick old-growth oak screwed directly into the motherboard. A steel handle might offer better heat dissipation but falls down on aesthetic and battle-comfort grounds.

tomrod8 hours ago

Hear hear! But be sure to avoid overly mossy handles as the oils built up over the years lower the heat dissipation capable via the handle and is a better electric conductor -- not a good thing if you are wanting to channel lightning at places other than yourself.

marcus_holmes2 hours ago

I'd also want some serious external cable management. Serious hammering is not going to be possible with power and monitor cable flailing around.

wildrhythms9 hours ago

Disappointed to find there is no photo showing the inside of the case with the CPU cooler and cabling.

Klaster_18 hours ago

For photos, you can check out the r/sffpc. In general, the SFF cabling depends on the amount of effort the builder's willing to take. In a similarly sized and laid out Geeek A50+, my cabling is a total mess.

fabiensanglard2 hours ago

The videos linked also feature footage of the inside before closing it.

jokoon6 hours ago

I realized the problem with this format is that it will always be more expensive since desktop/gaming computer parts are never designed to be smaller. The main reason being cooling.

Although there might be a lot of headroom to use gaming laptop parts.

Honestly I'm not really ready to pay 50% more for a gaming setup with the same performance, especially since it will still be difficult and expensive to upgrade.

So there's no good solution other than finding enough room for that gaming desktop.

Personally I use a cheap durable laptop (thinkpad L series) for everything I do that doesn't require performance. I'm saving electricity and money.

awslattery6 hours ago

Exterior aesthetic gives me Arris/Motorola Surfboard cable internet vibes.

xwkd6 hours ago

Which, in my opinion, isn't too bad for a cold and wholly inorganic thing meant to harness electricity for Diablos.

I'm not sure that I've ever seen a beautiful PC. Technology in general is ugly. We do everything we can to hide its shameful guts.

If you look at the most upvoted pictures on /r/battlestations, they're typically small desk jungle-scapes that are appealing in spite of, rather than because of, the box.

pbalau8 hours ago

LTT had a stream building a computer using this case too.

stonemetal126 hours ago

I always find it weird when people use the name "Mjolnir" for their products. In mythology it is a botched product. The reason why it looks like a sledge hammer with a short handle, is because it is. In the myth Loki pulled shenanigans while it was being forged so now Thor can't use the handle for leverage to give a full power blow with it.

billiam6 hours ago

Au contraire, it's the most successful of products, an innovation that comes from a purported flaw. Due to distraction while it was made its handle is so short it can only be wielded by one hand, which is all Thor needs to deliver his "mightiest blows." The implication is that Thor's two handed swings would break any weapon.

bitwize4 hours ago

It's kind of the opposite of Maui's hook. Hawaiian myths attest that Maui was an average fisherman in terms of skill, and his great fishing feats -- pulling up islands and such -- were exclusively due to the hook.

Personality-wise, Dwayne Johnson's depiction of Maui in Moana is pretty spot on: in many Polynesian cultures he is revered as a great hero and seen as an egotistical douchebag who overestimates his own awesomeness. (The Māori story of Maui and the goddess of death, which may have inspired the bit from Moana about his taking the Heart of Te Fiti, is one of my favorites.)

dale_glass6 hours ago

In mythology pretty much everyone and everything is flawed. Gods tend to just be really powerful jerks to a large extent.

But that may be the very point of the name -- it's a small package, but very powerful.

scop6 hours ago

One thing that struck me while reading The Iliad as an adult was how the gods' personalities and actions seemed to make the story more believable. What do I mean you ask? Well, they embodied many of the arbitrary and difficult-to-discern movements we encounter in life. Forces beyond our control and often beyond our cognition. By "believable" I don't mean "this is what happened" but rather "this accurately depicts the experience of life".

seanhunter5 hours ago

Yes. When I was a child and read Norse and Greek mythology I always thought about gods as "this is the god of love", "this is the god of thunder" etc. As an adult coming back to those myths I realised that the gods are given facets of human personality and are actually a lens through which to understand our own flaws and traits.

rollcat4 hours ago
dale_glass3 hours ago

If you want to see something weird, try Celtic mythology.

You have interesting characters like Math fab Mathonwy, who somehow must rest his feet in the lap of a virgin unless he was at war, or he will die. Or Cú Chulainn, who was amazingly badass to the point that he had to be stopped by mass female toplessness.

I haven't the faintest clue what those are supposed to symbolize or represent, but it's sure interesting.

LanceH5 hours ago

I think of it a bit like "Wheel of Fortune". The stories of the gods are made to make the listener seem clever.

jjtheblunt4 hours ago

they also spell it wrong, since there's a missing umlaut over the o, so Mjoelnir at least or Mjölnir or equivalently Mjølnir, and it kinda drives me and my grammatical obsession nuts, like "would of" instead of "would have".


bitwize4 hours ago

When most people these days think of Mjölnir, they think of Marvel Thor's cinder block on a stick (which this case sort of resembles).

asdff4 hours ago

I still think of Master Chief's power armor

entelechy06 hours ago


haarts8 hours ago

I have one. Beautiful. But bought a GPU that doesn't fit because the cabling of the GPU is just a bit too much. Stick with the GPUs Thor recommends.

DrStartup9 hours ago

Very cool looking sff case

o_x7 hours ago

The case is way too expensive for what it offers and there are much better alternatives out there (e.g. Formd T1 that someone linked above).

I was ready to buy mjolnir few years ago, but while they couldn't decide on basic details (at the time it wasn't clear if the outer shell would be 1 piece of aluminum or multiple) and the competition seems to have delivered a much better range of products.

Toxide6 hours ago

Fabien if you are reading this. What keyboard is that? It looks like you have removable switches given the gap, but the key caps also look quite thin making the gap more pronounced. Curious what you got going there.

fabiensanglard2 hours ago

It is a Blackwidow Lite with the dust cover that came with it.

charles_f5 hours ago

I think it's missing the top half of the case, which is why the gap is so pronounced

pja8 hours ago

Man, that cable routing looks fiendish.

We could really do with a form factor that lets case manufacturers route this stuff internally for you, but getting the manufacturers to agree on a format & support it is probably not feasible sadly.

ChuckNorris898 hours ago

Ha, classic PC gamer hobby. Spending over $1000 in hardware and hours in building it jut to play Diablo 2. I love it.

msurekci8 hours ago

AKA Jonathan

turnsout7 hours ago

Shoutout to you for this Apple deep cut!

thoughtsimple6 hours ago

Too bad Apple's management was so timid. That could have changed the course of computing back in 1985. I had a Macintosh IIx and it was a great computer but I would have bought the Jonathon in a heartbeat back then. Thanks for the history, first I've heard of it.

turnsout4 hours ago

Sure! A bit more detail in this thread:

cozzyd3 hours ago

You can always go with a VPX system if you want something like that, but obviously that's not cheap at all.

heyflyguy6 hours ago

I want to see an overall build price!

Yoric9 hours ago

Ah, for a moment, I thought this was about the [Mjölnir project]( in Matrix-land.

nikanj7 hours ago

In my previous life, I built a SFFPC that packed workstation-level punch into a carry-on sized case. Then had a set of monitors+keyboard+mouse at each location I worked at.

I was really sceptical when I built it, but it worked beautifully for 7 years. Used a SG13 case as the foundation. The only downside was intense interest from TSA agents

chromakode5 hours ago

Anecdotally, I've found that TSA interest has decreased over time. I built a DAN A4 with an AIO cooler in 2019 and have flown over 10 times with it. My last 3 flights, I didn't get stopped at all.

causality05 hours ago

The best GPU I could fit in (and cool down), a 1050 Ti, barely managed to run Diablo 2 Resurrected.

He could've gotten better gaming performance by using any AMD APU with a 680m iGPU.

fabiensanglard2 hours ago

Do you have benchmarks to backup this claim?

m0rissette7 hours ago

500 ISE

throwaway133379 hours ago

All that to play a 20 year old game. Maybe I'm being thick and that's the joke?

Anyway, the vertical mount of the video card got me wondering again about how reasonable that is. I read something about vapor chambers being designed for the video card to be placed horizontally. The theory being that there is a heat > rise > cool/condense > gravity thing that happens inside these heat sinks that gets disrupted if the heatsink is on it's side making the cooling less effective.

I'm curious if anyone has more evidence about this.

ujuj9 hours ago

If I'm not mistaken, Diablo 2 Resurrected is not a 20 year old game, since it is a remaster of the original Diablo 2. It has been released ~two years ago.(21/08/2021)

glitchc8 hours ago

> All that to play a 20 year old game. Maybe I'm being thick and that's the joke?

It's the remaster, not the original.

smcl9 hours ago

I suspect Fabien also wants the option to play more recent ones than Diablo 2, otherwise he'd probably spring for a cheaper GPU than a Geforce 3060 Ti Founders Edition (which isn't expensive but it's not exactly bargain bucket)

chank8 hours ago

With that setup, you can pretty much play almost all modern games too. I just built a very similar setup using the Lian Li A4 H20 and works just fine.

dreen8 hours ago

Its not practical, but neither is building some weird car that does something cool but cant use actual roads