The Backbone of Cybersecurity: Hardware Security Modules

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throw0101d4 hours ago

If anyone wants their own HSM, Nitrokey and Yubikey sell them:



Consider buying two to have backups ((encrypted) export/import-backup/restore is supported).

Creating your own CA:


Considering using 'helper software' for running a CA:

* /



* (good for on-one-host dev stuff)

horeszko3 hours ago

I built my own key-vault/HSM since I wanted to use various cryptographic algorithms (argon2 and signing JWTs) not supported by typical HSMs.

repo for the software:

BerthaDouglas343 hours ago


5n00py1 day ago

HSMs are the unsung heores of data protection. They are the ultimative defense for critical assets. This article explores how HSMs function as temper-resistant devices and why they are indispensable in cybersecurity. It explores their history, definition, utility, security, market trends and various other aspects.